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Contact Elvis Tribute Artist Art Kistler and the


For information and $25 advance tickets for the Fisher House Foundation fundraiser dinner and show at the Bloomington VFW on January 20, 2018, please call Jean at 651-206-4292!

 Contact Art Kistler Elvis Tribute Artist Minnesota

With certain special exceptions, Art performs with the EP Boulevard Show Band!

Some bookings may not yet be listed on the Schedule Page.

Please E-mail to inquire about Art's availability, etc.:   info@elvistributeartist.com


We ALWAYS answer every legitimate e-mail message that gets through, so if I don't get back to you promptly please call: 

Art's phone, call or text:   651-285-5703 

Here's what we usually need to know to consider and quote a price for bookings:

1. When - Day, date and time of the event. 

2.  What - Type of event, PLEASE BE SPECIFIC!

3.  How long - Approximate, desired scheduling and timing of the "Elvis" show: include arrival at venue and setting up & testing sound gear; time of day of start of show;

4.  Where - Exact location - include: venue, city, state, indoors or outdoors.  Travel expenses including accomodations may be applicable at additional charge;

5.  Sound system - Will an approved house sound system and technician (production support) be provided or would you need Art to provide the sound equipment and technician? 

6.  How many – about how many people are expected to attend the event and what is the size of the venue? (this helps us determine sound system and certain other needs) 

8.  Duration - How long of a show do you want?

9.  Lighting and stage - Is a stage provided?  Is stage lighting necessary, not necessary, desired, or provided and operated by others? We also have multimedia and special effect/dynamic lighting available.

Gear specifications, band members (including temporary alternates/substitutions), costume availability, etc. may be subject to change without notice.

Stage Plot                Experience              Performance Rider             Bios           Promo Pics

(The information in these resources is subject to change)

Art is a good guy, realistic, flexible within reason, honest, transparent and whenever possible is willing to work with clients within his and the band's availability and comfort level.

Terms, Definitions, Applicability and Conditions are all subject to update, change an/or modification without notice.

Art Kistler may or may not work in partnership with other entities, agencies, etc. expressed or otherwise.

"LOCAL" refers to the immediate Twin Cities area including suburbs immediately contiguous to Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota.

Sound equipment: An Elvis show requires a sound system. The need for sound equipment components varies depending on the scope of the show (tracks or live band, indoors/outdoors, size of venue, etc.).  For large venues and most big-scale outdoor concerts, outsourcing or otherwise providing an appropriate sound system is required. 

Stage lighting can involve additional equipment and set-up/tear-down time and costs.  Follow-spotlight requires an additional operator.

Show venues and clients are advised and responsible for the conspicuous posting of advisories at entrances visible to all attendees when special effects, strobes, etc. will be used during the course of the show. 

If and where desired and possible, we have the option of starting the show with multimedia by projecting a brief video retrospective compilation about Elvis, the era from which he originated and his evolution as a performer.  Other video multimedia enhancements may also be used.

A dressing room/green room of some sort (preferably clean, securable and private) MUST be provided!

TRAVEL:  applicable travel costs apply if a show location is not immediately contiguous to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) area. Travel costs include vehicles, trailer, participants, etc.   Travel distances and time will be estimated according to mapquest.com to and from St. Paul, MN.  When overnight stays are necessary, the client may be responsible for arrangements and/or costs associated with appropriate accommodations for the dates prior to, during, and after the performance/s as applicable.

DEPOSIT:  Upon agreement, a deposit of 50% of the total negotiated amount may be required to guarantee the booking date.  Any booking will be considered "tentative" until the deposit has been received indivating a reciprocal agreement and commitment.  The full balance is then due and payable on the day of the show.  Invoices reflecting deposits and balance payments may be provided upon request.  Alternate arrangements may be made for situations not otherwise specifically addressed herein or if deemed necessary, appropriate and mutually agreeable.  With rare exceptions, deposits are generally not refundable.

The exchange of a deposit from the client and acknowledgement with or without a receipt/invoice from Art Kistler and/or "E" ala K-Art Entertainment constitutes a mutual understanding and agreement to the terms, policies and conditions specified in the Web site http://www.ElvisTributeArtist.com and/or otherwise expressed.

PAYMENT:  We accept personal, business/corporate/cashier's checks, money orders, cash, and credit cards via PayPal (an additional, fee equal to the service fee of 3% applies to PayPal payments).

PARKING:  Convenient (with respect to show proximity) parking for Art's and band member vehicle (and trailer when applicable) must be provided, arranged and paid for by client if and where applicable.  Close proximity to the nearest stage access is a must when we are providing equipment!

Additional services and/or time commitments may incur additional costs.

Short notice appearances and/or "double-headers" (multiple commitments in the same day and/or at the same venuw) are possible and, depending on negotiation, standard rates may not apply.

CHARITIES: In the spirit of Elvis Presley, each year we occasionally do a select charity and fund raiser event. For some charity events, we'll offer a substantial discount but our base expenses must be covered.

Rates typically include overhead costs which include but are not necessarily limited to:  equipment, personnel, contracted talent, costume and accessories acquisition, costume and accessories maintenance, equipment repair and maintenance and upgrades, business expenses (Web site host server fees, Web site maintenance and upgrades, etc., business cards, advertising, promo CD's, billing processes, etc.), stage lighting lamps, batteries (primarily wireless mic), costume jewelry (rings, pendants, etc.) stage make-up, professional and custom styled costume wigs, miscellaneous vehicle and trailer costs, support staff costs, Gatorade... and lots of Advil!

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: With the condition of requiring a copy of any live video, we are amenable to the private use of personal video and/or photos taken during or following a performance, as long as any and all media are in good taste and reflect favorably and/or so as not to harm the image of anyone affiliated with Elvis and/or anyone in any way affiliated including clients.  Broadcast or any other public display specifically requires the advance, written permission of Art Kistler.

Uncle Sam:   Art Kistler is a State of Minnesota registered sole proprietorship.  We will always pay our due, and remain in good standing with the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Sales Tax and Use permitting and tax payment obligations including the IRS.  This is our way of saying: we keep it legitimate and report all income and expenses.

A particular outfit/costume can be requested, but the final choice will be subject to availability and will ultimately be determined at Art's discretion.

The EP Boulevard Show Band and/or band membersmusicians/singers are subject to change:  While we gaurantee that the music will be suitable to Art's high standards and satisfactory to the client, the EP Boulevard Show Band still reserves the right to change, subcontract, increase or reduce the number of band members without notice.

We will decline performances in venues in which smoking is allowed.

Art reserves the right to decline participation in any event at any location for any client and for any reason.

Venue owners, administration and/or management are responsible for posting appropriate warnings for audiences attending shows with stage lighting as considered necessary due to the occasional use of strobe lights and/or other dynamic or special effects lighting.

If applicable -- Client would typically provide an approximately eight-foot table near the stage (or other suitable location) for sound gear and CD etc. sales where allowed.

Individual aspects of the parameters herein may be modified by mutual, expressed agreement.

Pricing structure:  Each and every appearance/performance is different and negotiated individually based on the client's needs and overhead/expenses.

Cancellation: only in the unlikely event of catastrophic circumstances, illness, or discovery of any misrepresentation on the part of the client that require an unforeseen cancellation of services by Art Kistler, and in the event that a substitute performer, rescheduling or other feasible adjustments do not suit the client, all deposits (minus administrative costs in the event of misrepresentation) will be refunded to the client.  Art Kistler shall NOT be held responsible for further damages or other remuneration.  In the event that the client cancels with less than ten (10) days notice, the client may be held responsible for payment of the full contracted dollar amount due to subsequent losses as a result of income opportunities and/or commitments made by Art Kistler to the client thus precluding booking by others.  In the event of a weather related cancellation where Art and any band members are present and ready to perform, full payment must still occur.

The exchange of a deposit from the client and a receipt/invoice from Art Kistler constitutes a mutual understanding and agreement to the terms, policies and conditions specified in the Web site http://www.ElvisTributeArtist.com.  Client may require an additional contract as long as there are no significant, conflicting parameters between these insttuments.

Returned checks, NSF etc. are subject to the maximum processing fees allowed by law plus any other applicable, related charges.

Payment in full is ALWAYS expected at time of performance. Untimely or delinquent payments may be subject to interest accrual at the maximum rate allowed by law starting from the performance date.  Collection agency costs and administrative fees may be added to any and all balance due totals.

In the event that Invoices/receipts are e-mailed as .pdf attachments, the original version on the business computer hard drive and/or otherwise in the possession of Art Kistler and matching that of the client will prevail as the final, legal instrument and original document.  This statement is made considering that attached copy formats may be subject to inadvertent and/or unauthorized modification.

VISA, MASTERCARD via PayPal payments are only possible on line. Art's registered e-mail address for accepting payment via PayPal is: art@elvistributeartist.com. When using PayPal, in addition to a 25% deposit, if the balance amount will also be paid using PayPal, payment of the full balance payment amount plus any applicable PayPal service fees (add 3%) must be confirmed at least seven days prior to the date of the show. This is due to payment confirmation delays when using this payment method.

Other terms, conditions and changes may apply.

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